A reservation includes complimentary valet parking, access to 2 very different themed lounges, each filled with interactive theatrical experiences , and a scheduled invitation to one of the four different Release Rooms.

The Arrival:  An eerily elegant cocktail lounge in The Vault, featuring live atmospheric entertainment.

The Release Rooms:  Small groups of guests will be called by name to gather at a scheduled time.  They will meet their assigned “Teller” who will escort them to one of the rooms deep within the basement of the Bank.  Each group will work together to discover and complete a series of tasks which will release one of the many souls long trapped within the vault.  Each Release Room experience lasts approximately 30 minutes.

The Spirit Bar:  A darkly paranormal cocktail establishment on the third floor where resident medium, Wisteria, summons the spirits who have lingered in the building since the 1920’s.


You will encounter spirits from a more genteel era, therefore, suggested attire is casual elegance from your own time period. This will help you avoid offending your hosts. As you step back in time, portions of this experience will require you to walk on uneven and potentially damp or wet surfaces, in low lighting. Traversing stairs and steep inclines will be part of your journey. Some areas also have low ceilings and somewhat claustrophobic conditions. The spirits advise you to consider sensible shoes.



You’re requested to dress in casual elegance from your own time-period. Traversing stairs and steep inclines will be part of your Release Room experience. The spirits advise you to consider sensible shoes. Please do not wear costumes or masks.


Physical contact with the resident spirits is strongly frowned upon, however, they may choose to make contact with you if your aura is inviting. All guests are, however, encouraged to explore and interact with the many artifacts and puzzles contained within the release rooms. The management asks only that you return them to their original location or to your assigned Teller so that they may be unearthed by future guests for generations to come.


Whilst visiting the underground release rooms, please refrain from all cellular phone activity and photography or video of any kind, as the spirits may become entangled in these devices and follow you home.


Visits to our esteemed vault are taken at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for any ghosts or paranormal entity that may become connected to you, follow you home, or frighten you.


If at any time you become too frightened or want to immediately return to the mortal plane, please contact your assigned teller and arrangements will be made to return you to the world of the living.


Reservations, although not required, are strongly suggested.  This will allow the bank staff to properly plan for your visit and schedule your evening appropriately.  Upon arrival, photo identification will be required proving your most recent date-of-birth. Patrons may only change reservation dates or times with the approval of bank management.


The management of the Exchange National Bank reserves the right to refuse admittance into our highly secure chamber if patrons are noticeably intoxicated or otherwise impaired.


Patrons must be 18 years of age to experience The Vault of Souls.


Additional Release Room experiences may be purchased from the concierge on the night of your arrival, upon availability.

“Strange and Beautiful Things Will Happen”


Join us for a night of elegant fear.